Looking for tips on how to be "Good"

I mean the works, the best gear for characters like Oscar Mike, the best CC Duration abilities for characters that stun/slow like Alani, Ghalt. ext.

So Tell me for example, Oscar Mike, what is the best gear to put on him to be as “GOOD” as possible?

CC reduction, heal power, and a green/white buildable with negative reload speed. You can thank me later :+1:


Can we seriously put a moratorium on the use of “tryhard”?

I know what you mean by it, but at the same time it makes it sound like people that want to play a competitive game and do well are somehow bad.

I think ‘effective’ is the required term. ‘Tryhard’ has negative connotations, generally meaning ‘wanting to be successful but never quite getting there’.

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for oscar mike i usually just do 3 cheap grey items.

attack dmg, skill dmg, attack speed.

ive gotten up to 30 kills in a game with this loadout.

gear doesnt really matter as much as u think.

u could have the best gear in the world, but if you only hit 50% of your shots… a guy with grey gear and 85% accuracy will do way better

I thought heal power only affected characters with healing abilities? Or does it affect heals received too?

I agree with this and pm’d the OP asking him to change that term.

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It doesn’t. They responded to a sarcastic topic with a sarcastic answer. There is gear that boosts healing received, but you wouldn’t put that on Mike, generally.

No, I believe they are talking about people like in this thread:

Perhaps the OP thinks the mentioned characters are overpowered. Not sure.

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I dunno - the behaviour described in that thread is just griefing ins’t it? The dictionary definition of ‘tryhard’ is pretty close to what I said (I just put it nicer). IE, nobody would ever want to be called tryhard because it’s an insult.

Edit: I see the OP has changed the title - I think it was just an English issue…

There is only one answer to the question "How to be good?"
And that is, Don’t be bad.

Ok I’ll leave now.

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If anybody has the ultimate solution on how to ‘‘git gud’’ in Battleborn, please tell me. I’m tired of being unable to finish my lore because I suck too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for Oscar Mike I usually use Atk Speed, Skill Dmg & Atk Dmg. Reload speed is nice too though. I love Oscar Mike for being one of the more easily accessable characters… but that’s also probably why I’m tired of seeing him in every match or mission.

You want a GG roll blue green that gives double attack damage (or the legendary vow), Blue GG reload speed usually gives around 30%, and then a attack damage healing received badge does the trick.

You can run full legendaries but that build is cheap and most likely still effective.

[quote=“hexhammer, post:12, topic:1539650, full:true”]You can run full legendaries but that build is cheap and most likely still effective.

I’m assuming that you are using the term “cheap” as in “unfair” as opposed to “low cost” because it is prohibitively expensive to have 3 legendaries as your loadout in a PvP match. To be able to afford a 3 legendary loadout in a PvP game, you basically have to constantly be on the lookout for shards, almost to the exclusion of anything else, and the game has to go on for an exceedingly long time (many games will be decided before you could afford to buy your second).

Pretty much all of the heavy PvPers that I know recommend a loadout with a single legendary, at most. The other slots should be whites, greens, or blues, because they’re low cost enough to get ASAP and swing the game in your favor early on. The white/blue/greens exist for the early game benefit while the legendary exists as a late game optional benefit (oftentimes, it won’t even be worth buying because you could’ve spent those shards on a number of bots).

Yes taken out of context like you had, it would seem he is saying that the legendary build is cheap. But after reading the whole post, I think he was saying that the build he had mentioned earlier was cheap and still effective over running full legendaries.

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Attack speed, sprint speed, and health regen. Get in, get the kill, shards farm while healing slowly. Using this on Phoebe I had 2 kills and 3 assists, with only a few minions. But I was level ten because of my 30 buildables. So I ran and got another 25 kills because their Orendi had just hit level 5, so I was able to stomp.

You need skill damage first and foremost. I have a skill damage that does 7% and is relatively cheap (420 shards). Second, I would use attack damage. You can get some really good stuff, including 9.80% (I have a fist that does 9.80 attack damage and 210 maximum health). Thirdly, I use either cooldown or just health.

Oh, and get napalm and use it as frequently as possible. Also, take full advantage of his invisibility cloak.

[quote=“jokerking9211, post:14, topic:1539650, full:true”]I think he was saying that the build he had mentioned earlier was cheap and still effective over running full legendaries.

Derp. Syntactical ambiguity is fun! Rereading it now, I can see that I most likely incorrectly attributed which “build” he was referring to.

(btw, I did read the entire post even if I only quoted that small part; I wasn’t maliciously taking him out of context, just quoting the specific statement to which I was commenting upon)

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Yes, but in communities like this, there’s some fluidity to language. If you look around various threads, the term “tryhard” is being increasingly used to denote an aggressive style of play that dominates the opposition simply because they can.

Enough sidetracking by me, though, sorry.

@Tenebeat which lore are you working on?

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OM will typically build a 0 cost shard gen gear, 0 cost reduction to buildables and then I like a white or green movement speed piece of gear on him. Reasoning:

0 Cost gear is too powerful to use. Most characters benefit over the course of the game more by lower cost gear than using expensive Epics and Legendaries.

A 0 cost shard gen in a 30 minute game nets around 3600 shards at 2 shards per second. That is 6 Elite bots that give exp, and add pressure to the lane. More Elite bots when running a reduction to buildable cost.

0 Cost buildable usually is about 17% reduction or so in cost. That makes a 600 shard purchase low 500s. Building buildables is a quick way of leveling up, especially when a character like OM wants to level up as quickly as possible due to Napalm at level 2 and Scope at level 3.

If you can be the first one to level 5 in the match, you have a huge advantage over the enemy team due to power that most Ultimate’s give.

Movement speed gear: I like this due to it allows me to “box” or “duel” opponents better by my strafing being quicker than the opponents. Therefore they have to spend more time keeping up with me than I do them.

I meant cheap as in it doesn’t cost much.

You can run two legendaries in a map and get them before the game is even half over. All you do is just change how you play the exp game.

My main melee load out is: Burst kit, Alamo-7, and then a heal received/ atk damage purple. It cost 4650 total and I can have the two legendaries by 17-20m depending on what you do/get playing with your team. How I buy it depends on how the games going. If I’m taking too much damage I’ll go Alamo into the purple. If I’m mauling them Burst into Alamo so they can’t even challenge. Very rarely I’ll go the purple first over Alamo in a defensive situation.

I’ll run this for Rath, Galilea, Phoebe, Attikus. Or on the attack speed based melee’s I’ll sub the purple out for a blue 15% GG attack speed item. (I do have a double legendary build for Rath’s legendary)

Or like when I play Benedict and don’t run a single legendary. Run a gg 30% reload with another 10% and take his level 3 upgrade. The character spikes his damage without even needing a legendary. Then I just have a gg blue that will give me 18% damage for getting hit period.

What I’m saying here is a character can be as dangerous as it gets without even having a legendary passive. Though some of them are coo.