Looking for tourney participants!~ <3

Like the title says, Helix Gamers League hasnt had folks entering, and I finally got weekends off and I want to play! :smiley:

I play on ps4 and pc and would love to tourney on both! Currently Intelliswitch (whom is deaf but plays well regardless) is interested on the ps4 side of things. :slight_smile: (xbox users dont be afraid to post too! :))

Since the old guard of tourney players seem to have died, I imagine via the #Community_Rule_Discussion we could modify the tourney. (i dont care about legos, bans, or multiple of the same chars for instance).

HGL still have skin codes to give away (and Gearbox said in their latest battleplan theyre interested in supporting events more!), and theyve held good tournaments for other games, so if we could get this going well enough im sure we could get more prizes too.

Helix Gamers League on discord:

Link for tourney dates, times, platforms, and sign up!

to sign up, go to the battlefy link, and in the search bar you can type ‘born’ to limit the games to bb. then you can scroll to the last page as search results are sorted by date ._.

or on the main battlefy page since theyre coming up theyre at the top of the list right now <3



And by +1 I mean I’ll sign up.

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My phone has freaked out and decided that i could no longer add to that post, so i posted it to save it (tried editing, stil doesnt want to type anything but spaces and breaks), sorry if it’s awkward and blunt.

Was going to say Intelliswitch (ps4) was interested and id love to have him on my team, so thats one slot down for me there.
i also wouldnt mind doing all free agents (no solid teams) and we randomly get assigned to a team before the tourney starts :smiley:

Well I dunno about tournaments but a lot of us ps4 people have been trying to get more Pvt. Matches started in the community. I believe they were doing some today (much to my dismay…)

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That’s essentially what i want to do, but the bonus for it being a tourney is swag! HGL got shift codes for skins back in the day, and gbx in the latest battleplan said theyre interested in supporting tourneys more too!

Edit: @Kaleidodemon for ps4 and/or pc? :wink:

Either one. Or both.

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Oooooh. Swag sounds pretty neat. I would love to participate in stuff like that(regardless of how good I am) but I think my schedule doesn’t really permit me too :.(

Good luck in your endeavors though!9

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I’m down

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Have there been any HGL tournaments after the October Patch Update? If so, can I get a link to see?

Thank you, and yeah, I couldnt play back when this was regularly active because I always worked weekends and tourneys were on weekends most of the time. (there was a tourney one weeknight i remember someone mentioning, but i worked that night too, lol)

Im slowly adding content to the OP, the battefly link i think will take you to the page you need- i dont think a tourney has been successfully held since they reopened. :frowning:

I may be asking the wrong person but… Would you by chance know how long a tournament takes to run its course?

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I would be down to take part in the PC tournament, but for the fact that I’m just getting into exams and have no idea when I’ll be available. Any chance we could get more details on dates/times?

The PC tourneys are kinda dead because we killed them… I do encourage everyone to sign up for the PS4 ones though. :+1:t2:

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wouldn’t you need to find a team to be in a tourny for this since it’s a team based game?

@skeksis_SYL it will depend entirely on how many teams enter and how long the matches run.

@nbrownlie237 The battlefy link should display the planned tourneys, with pcs playing sunday, and consoles on saturdays :slight_smile:

@jedc750 currently, NO tourneys are being held because no one’s signed up. If we have limited people, id be up for doing 4v4 or 3v3 until we get full matches.

As ive said before, i dont care about winning. i just want to play. :slight_smile: bonus is you get stuff for playing.

I wouldn’t mind participating, but i dont have a team
EDIT: I’m on xb1

If we can start the tourneys at 4 pm pst, I’m all game.

spread the word guys! ive got the unofficial discord and hgl discord, and the forums here covered. Tell your friends! let pugs know when you queue! Lets do this! :slight_smile: