Looking for trade/help farming Twister OP8 on Xbone

OP8 Mechromancer that’s tired of trying to spawn Triple O. Would be willing to trade for one or assist in farming.

Ive not been on borderlands 2 in a while, but im certain i have an op8 rustlers. You can just have it if you want it, i traded for it ages ago, never really used it. But if youre just wanting him to spawn i would be down for that for sure, i have many hours in the game and have yet to see him spawn. Either way jist let me know.

Depending on the time…I’d like to help. :slight_smile:
GT: Kurtdawg13

I would love to just get one either way lol. I’ve spent hours trying to get a spawn and he’s just not happening. However you’d like to help I’d appreciate it.
Either way if you’d like to trade or try and get him to spawn together I’d be down.
My GT is POW3RSAUC3 and I should be on very soon once I’m checked out of a procedure I had done this morning.

Waya think Kurt, wanna give it a few tries? Id like to spawn him.

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Id like for us to try and spawn him man, but regardless I’ll give you the twister as soon as we get in the game, I dont want anything in return so no worries.

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That sounds awesome.
When you guys wanna go hunting?

I’d love to. He is one of the fewest enemies I’ve encountered on Pandora. However, I am at work atm. I won’t be home for quite some time. just got here. lol

Yeah I wouldnt have been able to this morning either, I’ll be home in about an hour.

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Nice, I’m off in about an hour. then it takes me a bit over an hour to get home.

I’m sorry, I thought this was America?

your quote reminds me of a south park episode where Stans Dad gets drunk at the little league games and picks fights with the opposing teams Dad’s. and when arrested he mutters to the cops in a very drunk rant “thought this was merica! I thought this was merica” so funny.

Whenever is a good time for both of you guys is fine with me. Just shoot me a FR - POW3RSAUC3 - and we can get to it anytime.

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Thats what it is from lol. I have an election T-Shirt that says Marsh '16 and under it it has the written. Favorite show ever

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That shirt sounds like an 11/10 purchase to me.

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So lets say 7:00? Its 5:30 for me now, so in an hour and a half? Does that work for you guys?

I’ll be there.