Looking for trades for this Protuberance

What are you looking for ? Really interested in that

Hex mods or maybe another splash anoint of equal quality. I’m a Fl4k only, so I’m trying out different playstyles

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Hex mods, what I got: MIRV-Tacular one on grenade thrown +25% dmg, Mitosis +50% ice dmg on ASE, Cloning elec dmg +50% on ase.

When it comes to Fl4k I mostly play Gamma Burst so I got most of top tier weapons with that anoint. Maggie, Brainstormer, all Cutsmans, Bekah, Dictator, Nukem, Wedding Invitation, etc. Got some stuff with the Rakk Attack anoint too so feel free to ask

Do you have redistributors with Gamma? I’m looking for corrosive, shock, incendiary. In Rakk, I’m looking for incendiary, shock, and cryo

Nope, I don’t really like this weapon on other VH than Zane. Only one I got lvl53 so far is a corrosive Redistributor with 100% ASE.


Also got this, dunno if you’d find it interesting

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Do you have any level 53 otto idols?

Nope. Mainly focused on lvl 53 weapons and shields since the gap between lvl50 and lvl53 artifacts/COMs isn’t really high stat wise

I’ll take that Protuberance you showed me. I’m not much of a Zane player, but my buddy is and he wants it.

Will send it after my ffxiv raid night (in about 2/3 hours) , I already have ya on psn ! Will send you a message to tell you I sent it

Okay cool

I sent the Protuberance to you. No rush on your end.