Looking for Transformer/Transfusion grenade with terror annointment

Im looking for any legendary transfusion/ legendary transformer shield with on action skill end apply terror for the next 18 seconds.

I have quite a bit for trade across 3 characters, so please reply with any needs!

Please help a friend out as I am online now and regularly playing!

I’ve got the transformer. I’ll have to check on the grenade mod next in an hour or so.

Mostly looking for lv53 ION cannons, infinity pistols, and lyudas with desirable anointments.

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Ok let me see what I have I think a good amount of my stuff is still 50, but I deff have a good amount of new gear

PSN TinkboXx

Please let me know if you had any update on the transfusions!

I posted my psn above and will be available this week for trade.

That’s a no on the grenade, but I do have the Facepuncher unless you’re just collecting the stuff.

I’m not looking for a face puncher, just the transformer & transfusion with the anointment ASE apply terror for 18 seconds.

I could also use a stop gap or stormfront with the same anointment.

I’ll add you and Mail you the Trasformer or drop my Terror stuff and you can pick through it.

I’ll be on later tonight.

Are you using it to mod items or something?

No sir I just got back into the game after not playing it since the halloween event and I wanted to try out some of the terror stuff.

I don’t know how to mod yet, but thanks for the heads up as I thought modding was dead on the new consoles.

People add stuff to the wall in sanctuary and delete the patch and mod shields and grenades with anointments not in the original version of the game to have weapon anointments and other goofy stuff.