Looking for Two-fer Luckcannon LVL 70 PS4

In return- HOMING QUASAR Lvl 70+ 5x Legendary weapons LVL 70, Also have a free lvl 56 eridian class for enforcer. PS4
If you have something in mind, im up for it…

Add: Its_Johnny_Bravo

You know that you could use 2 of those legendaries and a purple pistol to grind yourself one right?
Just dashboard/force close if you don’t get what you want and try again.

Also, you’ll have better luck on the trade boards.

Wheres the trade boards? Im new to the forums. And yes, but it takes forever to get a grinder luck cannon

Oh, there arn’t PS4 trade boards…Awkward…

Yes there is. The PS4 subcategory is located in the Handsome Collection section. Which Ive moved this thread to.

I promise I can read