Looking for two low level badabooms and a OP8 Sham

I have never been able to get any of these after days of farming just for rocket jumping purposes but if someone was willing to trade these items i do have some OP8 items in return.

PSN username fs4370 message that account if interested

Items for trade
Legendary Titan
Legendary Psycho
Legendary Gunzerker
Legendary Roboteer
Bowie Unforgiven
Fire Evisceration Wanderlust
Hyiu Skullsmasher
Ferocious Shredifier
Dubble Gub
Shock Fastball

I can drop these items for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

The time you would be on (eastern standard time) would be 3:30 AM for me unfortunately.