Looking for unleash the dragon

Been farming with no luck, using loaded dice on m3 tvhm. Willing to trade items if anyone has spare of not using. I have a few variations of Lucian call and rowen’s calls, different loaded dice, shield sniper ect … hit me up for GT

I think I have one, what’s your gamertag I’ll send if I do.

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Is that the siren com or el drago Jrs relic? Drago is a quick farm at Jacobs manor.

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Tristar26 . Thank you!

Drago. It is but I keep getting storm fronts and stop gaps

i will be online about 2hours from now, ill see if I have one in the bank.

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Currently at work. Thank you for responding!

Oh sorry I got the Amara COM not the relic. I got a bounty on El Drago though so I’ll try tonight and send if it drops.

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I don’t have alot of friends on xb1 so getting bounties are hard

Add me if you like, Stray2615. We also have an xbox club, search BL3 Vault Hunter Club and I’ll approve you, then add everyone in the club, we all play pretty regularly so that can help too :slight_smile:

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Just got home. Is the club on this form?

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have one what are u willing to trade

Got details here, it’s through Xbox Clubs system on console and app