Looking for vault hunters!

Hello Vault Hunters! I’m currently attempting to recruit some players to help me on my misadventures through the campaign! I will need 3 or 2 of you lovely people to assist me. I will most likely be playing as The Baroness, and a friend of mine has yet to decide his class. My Gamertag is: Asdaga Reloaded. I’m at decent skill level, and my highest level is 29 of this moment. I must also admit, I have quite a high voice but it doesnt matter to me and hopefully you!

I would prefer it if you had a microphone and all ages are welcome. I am currently in GMT so most americans just need to add five hours to my time period. I will be on around 3PM to 9PM on Monday, tuesday wednesday thursday and friday and 6am to 12PM on weekends! (remember GMT)

I’ll hopefully see you guys soon!