Looking for Vermi / LLM Fun Runs people

Firstly, this is level 72 stuff. Not OP level. Though that may come further down the line…

I love Vermiverous, and used to spawn him lots. But now they changed the game so solo spawning sucks. So I want people to join a PS4 community that like doing this, preferably with some experience but not essential. Being part of a group means we can communicate when things are happening, so your free to play solo and join group when you please. Will also help doing play throughs and DLC.

Also, to do fun runs around the Borderlands Tubby hunting and LLM runs on Sawtooth etc. May help with the drop rates of Pearls because solo farming brings me NO luck :blush:

Edit: You can join a PS4 Community without actually adding everyone as friends - so you can still see what is being posted and you can try out what we are doing, thus not committing. This will include RAIDing too. It’s easy to be invited into a Party.

I’m a Siren (darth_furion). @IdlePhantom is at lvl64 and soon to be lvl72 is also a Siren.

We are both in UK, and would mostly group up in evenings, but i’m on during days too. Both of us have plenty of knowledge of the game, so if you are newish that’s fine.

Just leave a message below with your PSN and i’ll get back to you.

Sorry dude didn’t mean to go off have a power cut

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I´m in for it. Live in Sweden so time difference isn´t a problem. Playing evenings during the week and also daytime weekends.

See you

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Hey dude I’ll add you in a bit on psn and then to invite you to the group