Looking for Weapons if you have extras to share

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Welcome to the forums! That Radiation Hex, Otto Idol, and the Pestilence (and the Jericho for that matter) are looking pretty sick. Looking for something in particular? I’ve got a radiation-focused, CoV-allegiance, Skag-based FL4K that’s on the hunt for good radioactive gear.

@VaultHunter101, free to move this to the right forum?

hey yes anything will help me at this point

I have some other stuff… it’s spread across a few characters, but here’s a start.

I have a bunch of COMs too - got a character in mind?

…also, this relic. Got a Face Puncher? (I only have one at the moment, or I’d list it). When you have this relic on and you shoot an enemy, the shots get some shock damage and will occasionally plaster the enemy with little bombs (like a Torgue shotgun).

looking for specifically those weapons on my list

Oh! I thought you were looking for weapons in general, and that’s what you had to offer.

…let me see what my Victory Rush looks like.

Ha ha! Yeah, do tell me it’s PC (I just sort of made an assumption here). :grimacing:

ps4 my gamer name is TerrySchiavo88