Looking for wedding invitation with ase 100%

Title says it all… dont have much to trade as just getting back into bl3 after recent patch but have a few things from previous patch only level 50 tho so sorry if im no help but if you could help a guy out that would be awesome…
P.s need players to farm with too so hit me up :grin:

Uk player usually on between 4-10 pm GMT

Add me and I’ll hook ya up - Ye olde wolf

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Just on updating xbox matey will be on once done

Glad to call Wolf a buddy, he’s one of the good guys.


Sent bud, enjoy!

Hes awsome made my day and i dont even have anything hes after makes me feel real bad but hes sent me a few things hes after so going to pick up wverything incase i come across something hes said