Looking for Wilhelm's Grille of the Trickster Head

Have every legendary item level 70.



I have killed 5H4D0W-TP more than 100 times and still no head. I think I am going to give up. :frowning:

Ugh still haven’t gotten it!

Anyone? Please?

I feel your pain!! What mode are you farming in? I was farming mutater for 2 weeks no drops!

Mutater I gave up.

Btk told me he got his drops on uvhm play through. I was thinking of resetting and doing uvhm but then I would have to go through and ruin all my farming set ups. I don’t think the mutater does drop it between your 100 kills and my over 100 kills one of us should have got at least 1 trickster head. I have to decide if the head is worth restarting my play through.

Why would you have to restart your playthrough?

He said it dropped in story mode on uvh. The first time you fight shadowtrap before you get the quest for the mutater arena.he did not get his in the mutater arena.i would have to reset to redo the story mode of claptastic voyage in order to fight shadowtrap for the first time again.

I heard you can’t get it in the story only in the Arena.

I thought so too. But I jumped on the pre sequel boards because I get more replies over there. A guy who plays on Xbox says he got his trickster drops on ultimate vault hunter mode doing the story. I have tried all modes but uvhm story. I farmed ref mode story then keep doing mutater on level 9 . I have done true vault mode and farmed during story and got no drops. I am currently doing the mutater on uvh mode. I have farmed it for weeks and not a single drop. The only mode I have not farmed is uvhm storyline.if you have other characters doing the story on uvhm I’d say give it a try. I only have my Wilhelm .

I’m in the same situation

Did you ever figure out how or in what mode it drops

Someone gave me it.

Oh OK than cool