Looking For Xbox One OP8 players to Farm for Gear Together

Hey guys! New to the forums. I’m looking for some people to farm gear with. I recently hit OP8 so my gear isn’t that hot, but I’m definitely down to farm / share any gear that might drop.

GT: GothamNight

See you in Pandora!

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This is basically all I do. GT: Kurtdawg13

lets do this!

I could be tempted. Might be good to post your timezone :thumbsup:

Cool man! I just sent you a party invite!

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I’m on the west coast, but I play at all hours haha Feel free to add me Vinterbris

I won’t be home for another few hours or so. You’ll have to wait a bit. send a friend request and I’ll do the same when I get home. that way I see you in my menu when I load up BL2. I can reach out when I see you online and we can farm gear together.

Cool man, sounds good!

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i can join in on the farming fun if u want. my gt is PeterL2014

West Coast time as well! My gt is mS Xero.