Looking for Xbox One Players Borderlands 2

Hi there, recently bought borderlands xbox one edition and i was wondering if anyone wanted a few games sometime not a very high level as only recently got it but so far haven’t seen anyone online,

Gamertag - Hii Sue

Currently level 13 at the moment.

All the best Alex.

Gt: LiL x GuTTy happy to play

Ill play gt BriskGalaxy9547

Will add you both after work today :slight_smile:

RCCA II Kahuna is my gt, playing a Lot in bl2

Couldn’t find you;re gamertag

Added jobieholmes and Kahuna

Try BriskGalaxy9457


Don’t mind having a few games with you either got a lol 37 mechromancer

GT: SuicidalSweed

GT Tobi20. Level 38 Commando. More than happy to play.