Looking for xbox one players

Looking for people to play with on xbox one, let me know if you’re interested!

I’ll playing later if you want. I’m on the Xbox one. GT ATB financial

Got you moved to the Xbox One section. Happy looting!

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What lvl are you? let me know and i might join you.

I’d happily play GT: BIG BAD JAM3S

I’m level 20 if your interested

I have 3 characters; lvl 61 commando, lvl 37 siren, and a lvl 8 gunzerker. And thank you guysso much for responding!

My gt is StonewallStrat, feel free to add me and send me a request anytime!

Add me I play all the time gt sly like 007

My gamertags MarchedAbyss im level 72 op 8 :slight_smile: if you wanna play just add me

I am lvl 30 krieg. Looking for friendly folks. Feel free to add me. GT= LeAd 7

DigestedLemming im up for playing

My gt JrBoyZer0, I’ma lvl 72 op 8 mechro, add me if ya wanna

Hey. I got three people on xbox one for ya. My gamertag is THI5 GUYY, I got Maya at level 72/ OP 5.
Add me anytime.

Add me on Xbox One, all characters on op8.
gt: Crimsonhumour

Happy to play with anyone on both games. Gt GoodOleScruffy

Add me : Luckylegion N7

Level 50 mechro, aerochr1s24

I’ll play, lvl 47 gunzerker gt: Seek Crevix

if anyone wants to do op levels with me send me a msg GT-NUCLEAR JAM 4U