Looking for Zane mod/annointed stuff/Ice Breaker artifact

Looking for a good Executor mod for Zane. Preferably without Good Misfortune, but if it has good bonus stats (weapon SMG, gun SMG, cooldown, etc.) then whatever.

Also looking for SNTNL or Barrier annointed Cryo Lucian’s Call, Crossroad, Butcher, Night Hawkin, maybe a pistol that’s good that I’m not aware of, and a shield. Only the Lucian’s absolutely must be Cryo.

Lastly, a good Ice Breaker artifact. Not so picky as to the type (except not Deathless), but cryo bonus stats and/or gun damage would be great.

Got some annointeds and mods and stuff to trade.



I have a Ice Breaker Relic if you are still looking

I am. What it is?

Ice Breaker Static Charge
VS. Frozen
Bonus Damage +35%
Cyro Efficiency +50%

Slide builds a static charge, causing your next Melee attack does 50% bonus Shock damage that chains to nearby enemies.

+1487 Max Health
+29% Rad Resist
+7% Experience gained from Combat

It’s better than my nothing. Not sure I can trade that sweet Bloodletter for it, but if there’s something else you’re after?

Hmmm nothing I can really think of right now, but I am sure there is something

What are you exactly looking for on the relic?

Have an Executor with 3 Playing Dirty, 2 Violent Violence and 13% weapon fire rate, 50% Torgue accuracy, and 50% Jakobs accuracy

I’m interested. Ace_Bower. I thought I sent you a request awhile back but maybe not or maybe to the wrong person

More cryo bonus and general good stuff (weapon/crit dmg, fire rate, reload, etc)

Looking for a Good Warrior mod without Trick of the Light