Looking for Zane SNTNL Gear, have the best Moze gear to trade

Recently created, played through the story, and leveled a Zane character. I’m looking for lvl 53 gear to play around with. Specifically SNTNL or Barrier weapons, Shields for Operative, Seein Dead class mods, artifacts like Last Stand Victory Rush, Flesh Melter Victory Rush, Ice Breaker Victory Rush, with SMG, Mags, Cryo or Shock.

To trade, I have all the best Moze gear, as I’ve mained Moze 90% of the time, well over 1000 hours with her. I have around 600-700 total gear items/legendaries. Mostly lvl 53, aside from some very useful lvl 50 items.

Do you have a Moze cutsman- fire with 160 splash anointment?

I do

Got you covered mate, I’ll send some stuff over. I have a buddy who runs Moze so if you could send some choice gear my way I’ll pass it on.

I have a couple of shields I’ll send you and what weapons are important to you? I’ll send you a few along with the shields. Send me a fr at Ice-T411 and let me know what you want. I really want that cutsman please