Looking for Zane stuff ( 5 Donnybrook )

I look for seein dead ( shotgun ) but tell me what you have, I’ll put a picture of mine seein, I have a transformer 50% corrosive and cryo, so if you have the other one and I look for a recurring hex 50% electric :slight_smile:

I might have a shotgun perk on one. I’ll check. I like the one you have. Have a transformer with Incendiary as well.

Oh yeah a Bruins fan :slight_smile:
Add me psn: woopitoo

So I found a decent one for ya. Not sure how to post a pic tho
Lvl 53 Seein Dead
Fire rate
Shotgun damage
Torgue damage
+4 Violent Violence
+1 Donnybrook
PSN is Bigrfish25
I’ll add ya
Cheers. Go B’s(I wish)