Looking forward to BL3 filling out

I’ve just finished leveling up another Fl4k and took a different route to level 50.

I had started a character and got a little bored. With the red chest event, I had legendary guns galore and cruised through another playthrough. My eyes were dim and glazed over. Then I hit the DLC. It was refreshing. Money is no object there. After progressing partway through, I was topping off my SDU’s regularly. Ion cannon was a welcome addition.

It felt good to complete the DLC and finish level 50 with a fair amount of cash and a really decent setup that rolled right into slaughter star, and the other end game content. I’m glad they left takedown skilled for solo running. The game is in a pretty good place.

One thing that was brutal through this playthrough, is the amount of open space. Eden - 6 is still my pick for the most boring area. I feel like I drive FOREVER to get between quests etc. That being said, could we have legendary missions pop up? Random spawn, guaranteed legendary item? Also add some more missions in the maps themselves. Random vehicle spawns with special paint jobs. I think it’s a perfect time adding content to what is already existing would help out BL3. Even one zone at a time would keep it spicy.

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I run/climb/jump across the ‘gaps’ in the map - it’s amazing how often you can take short cuts that way without dying. And there are all sorts of interesting spawns - had some fun times with Tyrants on Floordmoor and other maps. If you drive, you kind of miss them. Floodmoor is a great racing track for player initiated challenges!