Looking forward to more 'Events'

What’s nice is that it’s creating more variation in play, since it seems like many people are testing new characters, myself included.

More than that, it just makes things more exciting. I play a decent amount of Black Ops 3 (yes, yes, save your COD hate for somewhere else please), and the different reward and incentive systems with events is just fun.

Hopefully there will be more types - not really sure what, but something related to loot / credits / etc hopefully.


I agree. Events are a nice bonus and offer extra motivation to play.

Can you imagine a Battleborn version of the BL $100K Loot Hunt? I can…

I imagine xp boosts eventually won’t be all that exciting. I was already in the 90’s and had several characters to 13-ish before the event started.

The best thing I guess I could happen is more peeps will get their command ranks up and it will make matchmaking a bit easier, if it does indeed go by command rank.

I would think double credits would be more useful for players but considering the high credit cost for the dlc characters is probably their incentive for players to buy the season pass, I wouldn’t hold my breath.