Looking get to 72 help

(Aedrius Wolfe) #1

I’m trying to level my character to 72 before doing alot of the sidquests in uvhm due to wanting to get weapons at that level. If anyone wants to help my psn is Aedrius_Wolfe. Thank you guys for the consideration and can’t wait to play with everybody!

(A Crystal Ocelot Ate My Logic) #2

What level are you currently?

(Aedrius Wolfe) #3

51 and about to start uvhm.

(A Crystal Ocelot Ate My Logic) #4

You can reset UVHM, so you can play through now and get missions rewards, and once you are 72/OP8, you can reset the playthrough and get everything again at your chosen level.

(Aedrius Wolfe) #5

I did not know that I have not played it scence it first came out. Thank you.

(ERRA) #6

if someone could help me get 72 I’d appreciate that. Currently Lvl 61

PSN: Erra_Neon