Looking help on digistruct or anyone who just started playing borderlands 2

I have never beaten the digistruct run, I could use some help on it. This post is also about me looking for anyone who is thinking of using a new character/playing for the first time.I recently started an assassin which it is at level 9 and looking for someone to playthrough the game.

my gt is technospaz12

still need help on digi peak?

yeah I still do, i manage to complete the very first run

Good job!

Time zone=EST
Xbox one with mic

I’m also looking for people to play with online if you would like to add me to you friends list. I have a level 10 siren and imported my level 50ish characters from Xbox 360.

if you chaps need a 3rd player ill jump in :slight_smile: Ringos jebadias