Looking players for legendary gathering. (PC)

I look for peapole who want the following legendaries

-Firmware Update 1.51c
-Poor “m-pulse” controller
-Plasmid transduser

-Stable executioner
-vow of vengence

Add me friend on steam name: krenoo
Send me a message too to know what u want :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you missed it but the plasmite transducer got a REALLY excessive nerf. not worth it now IMO. If you still want to grind out the brutal farming system then be my guest i guess. Just a word of caution: your legendaries are not safe, nor are they carved in stone. they change, and there will be change. maybe not soon. maybe next battleplan. But investing in an item with fluctuating value could lead to you getting screwed over.

hence I have stopped farming.

my 2 cents.

Didn’t notice til you said it,I’m so DONE with this game now that I checked ahah
Got lucky and got it early and used it but now,it’s useless lmao,I’m not even sure it can refund itself
They can’t stop nerfing leg while their timing is awful and they fail at balancing chars,unless this game come back from the dead,I’m so done.
This is sad that Bli² killed a game so hard.

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not a bad idea.