Looking to add A LOT of people


I quit gaming a while back and got back into it. I played the living hell out of BL1 (had a bunch of legendaries, a tsunami, serpent, ironclad, etc) and it was a blast. I recently finished up TPS and it was a blast too, and now i’m moving on to BL2. I made a new account (I lost my old account information), and as you can imagine, my friends list only has a couple of people who play BL: TPS. But anyways, i’m looking to add as many people as possible that still play this game. If you still play this game and want to add another person who plays BL2 to your friends list, please feel free to add! I like seeing my friends list full of people who play the same game I do.

PSN: Megadeth_Mayhem

Feel free to add me on there, and mention you’re from the forums. I know there is a thread already on adding people, but that’s just on adding people for a specific reason as far as I can tell.

I will be playing BL2 for a long time now since I have platinumed TPS and am just waiting on the arrival of pearls.

So yeah, feel free to add for no apparent reason if you play this game a lot as well.

Shoot me a FR, I am usually on every day in the afternoons.

PSN: clovious

PSN: XxSTEVIE666xX, on mostly in the evenings UK time.

Hey guys add me the next time you’re on.

Just sent ya a request! CAPN_DUKE420 here! \m/

Nice, will add you right now when I get on. Still adding anyone else who adds me!

I don’t get on a whole lot but do love
To play borderlands almost exclusively as the only game ever in my PS3. Senor_yatez

I just returned to the game an hoping someone still plays it. Psn-kinglummox