Looking to build on OP8 Trickster Siren - Trade

Hey guys!
Just got Maya to OP8 and looking to trade for a Boss Bekah (Jacobs grip / Dahl stock preferred)
Really looking to run a solid trickster build and would appreciate a trade. If you can help, plz hit me up - PS4 - The_Haemogoblin
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Hey dude, I got an OP8 Boss Bekah spare for you, definitely has Dahl stock and pretty sure the
grip is Jakobs. If you have an OP8 Evolution shield to trade that would be cool, always use
the Blockade on my Maya and fancy a change!

No worries if you don’t have the shield, you can still have the Bekah.

PSN dodgstar13

Although I like the Evo overall, I think the Antagonist is a better alternative to the Blockade at OP8 for Maya.

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Yeah, I use the Antagonist as well but just wanted to give the Evo a spin to compare for myself.


I completely agree if talking about the Trickster Build. I only use the Antagonist when running the Trickster. I actually waited to change my build for Maya until I had that perfect Antagonist show up in the Seraph vendor. Bought it. Ran to my mule and transfered my Trickster COM. and that is what I have been running with ever since. love the Trickster build. This build will not hold up in the Hammerlock DLC. just saying. lol

The Antagonist certainly seems made for a Trickster build, but I don’t run one myself normally. It’s excellent with the other two main Maya builds, the Leg Siren setup that @Derch has shown repeatedly in his videos and the Leg Binder/Subsequence. It just has great all around stats and works with most characters’ standard gun based builds.

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I would tend to agree with this. I typically have an agenda and look for synergies and don’t necessarily just rely on a “good shield”. But it is one of the all around better shields in the game. If I don’t know the toon I’m using or trying to get a feel for it. I will use an antagonist until I learn my toon and find a better synergy with a different shield.

ex: bringing my Axton up through the levels to OP. I made sure that when I was at the correct level, I ran to the seraph vendor to get the Antagonist. helped me through quite a few levels. But, ultimately I ended up using the Blockade at end game for my Axton build I am currently running. it seemed to perform better for me.

This was a long winded response to basically say, I agree. lol

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Oh yeah, for running through the OP levels on the peak, the Antagonist is key as it’s the 1a/1b of standard good shields with the Blockade and it’s so easy to obtain a good version. Once you get a few levels above 72, farming a L72 Pete becomes easier and easier, plus I started on PS3 so I could bring in a second toon to double crystal hauls.

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