Looking to buy Legendary Gunzerker Classmod

Will gladly trade unkept herald, norfleet, or other class mods for the Legendary Gunzerker class mod. I already have the Titan and hoarder mod. Message Thorros on Xbox One.

What lvl are ya lookin for…i might have an extra

Above 61 would be preferable, I’m just sick of farming these tubbies. I’ve got so many class mods but none of which are the ones I’m looking for. Join my game

Ill log in a few mins and see what i have kickin around…if i have one it will be op8 or lvl 72

I have a 72 berzerker mod only

Ill take it gt merciful kross

Ill hop in a little bit and give it to ya.

D’oh! I’ve got two from the LLMs; a 71 and 72. Already sold them because I have no need. :frowning:

I have 1 that lvl 70 and all most pef stats hit me up bluebonger on xbox one

I have an op 8 one