Looking to Create Fl4K Build for a Friend

Hey my buddy doesn’t play as often as me and needs items for a Fl4k Build so he can do the Breech Takedown with me. I never have played with Fl4k and I don’t have many items he needs. If you guys can help me out. I have a lot of items to trade that are M10.

Fl4K build

BackBurner Corrosive and Shock ASE Splash

Reflux ASE shock

Shock old God with ASE

Stackpot with Weapon Damage

Cutpurse Launch Pad

I’ve got some items that could help, I know I have : reflux 100% ase, shock old with 50% cryo ase, radiation backburner 100% weapon damage after rakk and the only stakbot I have is lvl 51 with 32% splash damage, 25% weapon damage and 35%, shotgun damage.

Let me know if any of those are good for you/him.
Looking for good amara class mods and weapons

Reflux and Stackbot and Old God Shock would be awesome. I can send you over the three class mods I use on my Amara. It’s two phasezerker and a spiritual driver.

Deal thanks buddy

Sent cheers dude