Looking to do an Elemental Siren Build & an Elemental Gladiator build

Greetings all, Ryker61 here. Been a long while since I visited these boards. How’s everyone doing?

So, as the title implies I’m looking to do builds in BL2 and BL:TPS, and was looking for the following suggestions:

Recommended Perks
Recommended Class mods
Recommended Relic(BL2 only)

I’ve pretty much decided that I will be utilizing Maliwan weapons and shields, either Nova or Spike, and any weapon with an elemental effect.

As for Grenades, I like the Vladof Lobbed AoE Grenades so I’ll stick with those.

In BL:TPS I normally stick with the Invigoration Oz Kit as that provides health in addition to replenishing my oxygen, so I’ll stick with that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Some of Maya’s skills got a buff. You’ll find a list of viable builds here:

Athena is pretty OP! Here’s her list:

Note that the individual builds should contain recommended COMs and gear to go with the skill build.


Thanks for the links, couple of problems though. There are no Elemental builds for Maya and all of the links for Athena are broken.

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Athena - looks like the outright elemental builds didn’t get ported from the old forums before the servers were turned off. I would suggest posting specifically in the Athena sub-forum and asking - maybe someone has some good ones archived or reconstituted.

For Maya: pretty much every Maya build makes use of her elemental abilities - or at least the ones that scale through UVHM into the OP levels. But there are no pure elemental builds beyond TVHM because that doesn’t work with the number of skill points and the UVHM/OP scaling. She works very effectively with elemental weapons though, especially SMGs/Plasma Casters. Again, if there’s something specific you’re looking for, I would suggest posting in the Maya sub-category asking what people recommend for achieving what you’re after.

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yeah, I’m not sure what you mean by an “elemental build” as @VaultHunter101 says, most of Maya’s standard builds are heavy on elemental damage and synergize well with many elemental weapons and gear, maybe not Nova or Spike shields so much…

you might take Blight Phoenix over something to make it more “elemental” but I’d rather have the elemental damage of Helios or Immolate… there was some more recent testing that you may not be aware that shows Flicker doesn’t actually do anything, so it won’t up your elemental damage… you can always mess around a bit in Cataclysm but the core of Foresight, CR, Cloud Kill, Reaper, Ruin is still what you want…You do get healing from Life Tap from all sources, including elemental dots after a kill, but again, you could also do a subsequence build and not take Life Tap… subsequence spreads elemental damage around a bit more with lower level mobs as you get a Ruin/Converge proc on every phase lock

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Scuse the durpyness of this post I’m using my phone poorly
My build

Inspired by

I ended up using a purple Rainbow Hologram classmod with +5 Overload +4Superconductor and +4 Flash Freeze from the Holodome. It also boosts Electrocute Damage, Incendiary Damage, and Slam Damage.

Weapons I use.
Hellfire, Shock and Cryo Glitched Practicable Thinking, Shock Badaboom.
Other Gear I use.
Black Hole shield, Stormfront grenade, and the Oxidizer Oz kit.

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