Looking to expand my friends list!

I play borderlands 3 A LOT and I come across lot of great gear that I dot personally use. So I was curious if anyone would like to add me So we can share loot! I’m a Zane player who dabbles in Amara but I find lots of Moze and Fl4k gear that usually feels too good to Ben left behind.

My username is LittleMsJester and if you let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for in particular, I can keep a note.

I am currently looking for a 100% cryo damage Maggie (I won one from K6 stream but got sent something else. My heart was broken) and have other great gear to trade! Farming is a bad habit of mine.

I also love to collect Jackhammers so if you have any or find any that you consider junk, I’ll be more than happy to given it a home. <3

Online regularly though I switch between BL3 and bl2 depending on how bad my luck is.



I have a sntnl cryo Maggie and I like playing MT…

Oh nice! Is there anything you’re looking for I believe particular? I farm waaaay to much so I’ll happen happily keep an eye for anything :slight_smile:

I play with Amara and my hubby Zane.
Even our kids play…

Jnikodym26 add me

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BL3 is me: JayBowdy
BL2 my wife still plays: Vitalmere

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Hello !
I’m playing Zane/Amara/Fl4k, and I’ll keep any further Jackhammer for you !
Psn Adrion54 (CET player)
See you soon ^^

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Hi, there! I like farming MT with Zane, and sharing too. I bank bonus dam. annoints for all classes. Add blasphenom5000.

I play amara and moze as well as other characters.
Me - AngelofLove57
Add me if you like to.

I play and farm daily. Currently searching for super shredifiers. They proving to be quite difficult to find. Honestly I have so many legendaries it’s ridiculous. Would love to to give away some of this stuff. Add me iaca2365 psn

Hello I’m on daily and always farming,

FL4K is current main Fade/Gamma Burst

if you wanna add me PSN: Hayabusa13_