Looking to farm OP8 bosses. Terra, Pyro, etc

OP8 Mechro looking to farm some bosses. I also have a 72 Assassin that I could farm 72 items. I’m down to do dragons also. Beaten them numerous times legit.

GT: Whiskey 328

will do it with you

You still down for it

Yea for sure.

I’m mainly looking for rare non legendaries at this point. So I’m down to farm whomever.

i xbox pmed you couple of times under the name gx joelzzz gx

you doing it or not

Yea. I was in a buddies lobby. Send invite.

Hey I’m after a full set of elemental interfacers so I’m gonna be farming vora soon if you want to jump in, I also want a corrosive norfleet so I’m going to try and farm verm.

Gt is Dave90T