Looking to help with anything BL2 related

I have several characters at level 50. A level 10ish Seren and a level 20ish guns character. Message me or add me on the xbox one. My gamertag is hitman36r. Can join my games to level your low characters or you can request for me to join your games to give you a hand with quest or side quest.

I know the timed mail box type side quest are a lot easier when you have 4 players to do them. So i am up for those or any other type of quest or side quest. I just want to play with others. Don’t mind doing anything really.

Just a little warning, I have not played since 2013. So I don’t remember were all the hidden stuff is. But I’ll do my best to try and remember and to help find the stuff.

Get online I messaged you and would love a helping hand

can you help me please