Looking to make a trade for weapons

Now that the latest patch has come in, farming the Chupacabratch isn’t as effective as it was, and the Loot Tink isn’t showing up anymore, and I still haven’t gotten the weapons I’m looking for.

To that end, I’d like to trade one of the Legendary Items I’ve with anyone who has a non-elemental “Hornet” and “Breath of the Dying”. These are the weapons I’ve been looking for the most, and will gladly trade what I have for them. I’ve never been a fan of elemental weapons, so I’d really prefer non-elemental versions of these.

Here’s the list of Legendary Items in my inventory. Everything here is between level 45-50, so that’s what I’d like the aforementioned weapons I’d like to be.

Venomous Hornet (Corrosive, which I don’t like).

  • List item Shocking Dauntless Kaos. ( Shock) Annointed for the Operative.

Dueling Monocle.

Firesale Long Musket, with Action Skill End effect.

Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin (Cryo).

Undermining Crossroad (Radiation). Auditing Crossroad (Cryo).

Oozing Devils Foursum (Corrosive).

Storming Sickle (Shock).

Oozing Gratifying Raisen’s Thorns (Corrosive).

Hostile Bitch (Incendiary).

Oozing Try-Bolt/Itchy Try-Bolt (Corrosive/Radiation).

Turbo Ten Gallon.

Hyperfocus XZ41.

Moar Linage (Incendiary).

Howt Embrace the Pain (Incendiary).

Compressing Thunderball Fists (Shock).

Deep Dive Face-Puncher.

Rebel Yell (Shock)

Swift Ininity.

Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair (Incendiary).

Flesh Melter Safeguard.

Stark Westergun (Corrosive/Incendiary).

Oozing Cocky Bearcat (Corrosive).

Decaying Star Helix (Radiation).

Premium Poison Polybius (Corrosive). Anointed for the Operative.

Stuffed Quadomizer.

Resonant Back Ham.

Rough Rider.

Hex (Cryo).

Tina’s Hippity Hopper.

Like I said, all of these weapons are between the levels of 45-50, and if anyone would be willing to trade, I’d be happy to turn over anyone of these items for an equally leveled Non-Elemental Hornet and Breath of the Dying. I’d like to make the trade as even as possible.

Oh, right. Stupid me. Xbox One, gamer tag ElderJudoka47.

The Hornet and BotD both only come in Corrosive, FYI