Looking to play with bl2 ps3

Anyone wanna play bl2 ps3 add werewolf900001

Moved to the PS3 section.

I went to play

I can psn Lilkev 998
Lvl 40 gunzerker
Lvl 21 commando
Lvl 6 commando

I can. I have OP8 with all characters, but I’m still trying to figure out good classes. PSN name is Venara828.

add armandhammer37 im down to play :slight_smile:

Hey my psn is spintap73 I’m an op2 siren I need help getting to op8 can you help please

Hey I’m up to play with someone I’m currently on True-Vaulthunter-Mode lv.49 shortly before the warrior. Looking for a pal to play with and to dupe some stuff. Hit me up my gamer tag is Akonnan.

Where are you at, or are you planning to play from the start? I’d be down for that. Also what’s your timezone?