Looking to see how much damage each of my characters are doing

I have decided that, rather than playing differently for each character, I’d rather find the best sniper builds for each character. From what I’ve found, these would be the best COMs for each character: Brick the Warmonger; Roland the Heavy Gunner; Lilith the Specter; Mordecai the Sniper (duh).

My go-to for determining damage is taking my level 69 DVL590 XX Fearsome Skullmasher that I, uh, ‘acquired’ and fighting level 70 Skagzilla. Using level 69 COMs that I also ‘acquired’, here are my total stat increases and stuff and whatnot.

Each character uses the gun, which does 561x6 damage and has +200% critical hit damage.
Each character also has level 50 sniper rifle proficiency, which adds +48% damage.

For Brick, the Warmonger COM adds +32% damage to all weapons, 9/5 Revenge adds +90% damage after a kill, and 8/5 Pay Back adds +64% damage after the shields deplete.

For Roland, the Heavy Gunner COM adds +42% damage to all weapons, and 9/5 Impact adds +27% to bullet damage.

For Lilith, the Specter COM adds +100% sniper rifle critical hit damage, 9/5 Slayer adds +45% critical hit damage, 8/5 Enforcer adds +16% bullet damage after kill, and 8/5 High Velocity adds +32% bullet damage.

For Mordecai, the Sniper COM adds +100% sniper rifle critical hit damage, 9/5 Caliber adds +36% sniper rifle damage, 5/5 Killer adds +40% damage after a kill, 5/5 Trespass adds +5% bullet damage, 5/5 Deadly adds +30% critical hit damage, and 5/5 Relentless gives a 25% chance of getting a Killer Shot after a kill, which adds +100% damage.

Using all this information, and the F=G*(1+W)(1+B)(1+z+p+w*(1+i)) formula, courtesy of Frightning, I have attempted to come up with the damage I’d do versus level 70 Skagzilla, and compare that to what I actually get when fighting him/her/it. And I have immediately encountered problems.

For Brick, I went out and shot Skagzilla right in its perty mouth 36 times. It takes 9 shots to kill it. The first 8 shots do 29,042 damage always, and the last shot usually does around 9,800 damage–I don’t really pay attention to that number. But when I go into the formula, this is what I get.

F = G * (1+W) * (1+B) * (1+z+p+w * (1+i)) — G is guncard damage, and I’m unsure whether or not to use the 561 as G or the total of 561x6 as G, so I used 561x6.

F = 3,366 * (1+W) * (1+B) * (1+z+p+w * (1+i)) — W is the % increase in weapon damage. Since I didn’t kill anything before shooting Skagzilla, and my shields had not been depleted, I add the .48 from my weapon proficiency to the .32 from the COM.

F = 3,366 * 1.8 * (1+B) * (1+z+p+w * (1+i)) — B is the % increase in bullet damage. I do not have anything that modifies this.

F = 3,366 * 1.8 * (1+z+p+w * (1+i)) — z is the zone critical hit bonus, which for Skagzilla is +300%, p is the player critical hit bonus, which Brick does not have, and w is the weapon critical hit bonus, which is +200%.

F = 3,366 * 1.8 * (1+3+0+2 * (1+i)) = 3,366 * 1.8 * (6 * (1+i)) — i is the total increase to the weapon critical hit bonus, which is 2 from the weapon.

F = 3,366 * 1.8 * (6 * (1+2)) = 3,366 * 1.8 * (6 * 3) = 3,366 * 1.8 * 18 = 109,058.4

Needless to say, this is WAY more than what I was getting, and is not factoring in the added +90% damage after kills and the +64% damage after shield depletion. So, what am I doing wrong?

Or, if someone wants to do this all for me, that’d be great too.

Also, Roland did 38,933 damage per shot except for the final kill shot each time, Mordecai did 45,459 each time, and Lilith did 47,937 each time.