Looking to start a borderlands group

The point of this group is so we always have people to play with and have a good time. No harassment or name calling allowed with be booted and removed from group. if you wanna join the group add me on psn
psn: IKadoI

im at work but i want in im always playibg alone currently lvl 13 , what times you get on

Okay that sounds good

Sounds good

im totally in but i wont have ps plus till next month atleast but when i get it ill need people to play with

i tried searching you and i cant find you

Not the right psn

I used the psn name he gave out so idk

I can’t find you

I need someone to play with, I have got to level 12 on my own and would like to try co op, my PSN is tardis0012

I carnt find you on PSN

It is the right psn Its an i but uppercase!

give me your psn

mines Xeynas

SLS678 always on please add