Looking to start a group of battleborn players

This game is super fun and wild and cookey, but I’d say 80% of its population don’t use mics at all, so games are quiet and not as fun, and I just want to start a group of players who play this game semi-regularly and have mics, skill is irrelevant, level is irrelevant, age isn’t too relevant as long as you’re mature. As for region, North America is preferred only because of the time differences, but not required. If you want to be a part of this message me on Xbox, my gamertag is Abrogater

Add me: InvaderOfGlory
Yes i have a mic and from North America

Have mic usually on around 8EST
Gt Slakruz

I’ll add you too if you are looking for people as well

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So far I have one person to play with so the more the merrier!

I’m looking for people who play this game quite regularly, so add me anyone, my GT is Cassalea

I play most nights from 8pm-1am EST. Add and message me on XB1. GT: poo2moo

gt Mr Caldarius i mainly do pve i have them all gold in all modes so if you do that then let me know

Hey hey, I play all things in this game, and am not afraid to lose (though if I’m using benedict, I mean, we’re gonna win… :stuck_out_tongue: ) Feel free to add me (chaosarebeast) if you’re looking for someone who takes the game seriously enough to try but not so hard as to shed tears at defeat, and simply enjoys the teamwork involved.

GT - Buk0wski77 . I have a mic and am in Texas, Central Time.

Sounds like fun!

GT: Bazzie8D

I am european though GMT +2

Sorry guys havnt played much in the past couple days been busy. Also won’t be on till Friday this week Gota go out of town. Play with y’all then!