Looking to start a pre sequel playthrough

Hello, I’m looking for people to join me in a new game on the pre sequel, but to only continue those characters when together, if anyone is interested message cracksquirrel96

hey, i’m looking to start a campaign on the pre sequel, i’ve only just got the game though so i haven’t played it at all yet, if this doesn’t bother you then i’d be interested in joining.

I haven’t played it either so that’s probably better

awesome, i thought i better clarify, i’d hate to start playing then slow you down by not knowing the environments and stuff lol

Go ahead and add me :slight_smile:

Hi I would be willing to start a character but I have played it before on 360

sounds good :slight_smile: add me

my best friend and i play every night its both our first play through on the pre sequel but i have at least 2k hours in bl1 and 2 feel free to add me on xbox one i have been streaming for 1 to 3 hours nightly my gamertag is skironerocks just please message me youre fromt he foums so im not confused lol

Xbox one add me princeq210

what time do you usually play?

sunday through friday about 10 1030 pm until 1 am