Looking to stockpile money

If anyone is ever doing any high level enemy farming and isnt going to pick up all the loot, and doesnt mind inviting me I would like to tag along and pick up your unwanteds so I can bulk up my money a bit. GT kymagika1212 on Xbox one please and thank you.

as long as the game you have is “The Handsome Collection”, I wouldn’t mind I do a lot of power leveling in the BarRoom, the money gets picked up as I run through the area, but there are always a lot of Tokens, eridium and OP 8 gear that needs picked up/sold/used.

I’m always on between 9pm and midnight EST
other Info Here

This is what frustrates me is I posted this in the TPS section only to have it moved, I am trying to do this in TPS, thank you very much for the offer however.

It was moved to The Handsome Collection section because you have The Handsome Collection. This may seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Furthermore if you read the @LunaticOne 's reply you’d see the post he linked suggested he helps on both Borderlands 2 and TPS.

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I also help with TPS if you ever want to jump in on mine as well

Nice mate will do
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