Looking to trade a couple legendaries for a norfleet incendiary PS4

Have been playing this game forever and have had absolutely no luck farming for this weapon. I am willing to trade for it. I currently have a Slagga, a Gub and a Lyudmila. Looking to trade 2, all 3 if necessary for a Norfleet incendiary. Thanks in advance

Hey! Welcome to the forums.

Please do put levels you’re interested in up, as it tends to heighten the chances of hits (as some people usually skim through the trade page).

Appreciate the advice. New to the forum

My Slagga is lvl 43, Lyudmila lvl 42 and Gub lvl 45. Will trade 2, 3 if necessary, for a lvl 50 Norfleet incendiary

I don´t have a lvl 50 norfleet (only op8), but I can help you farm for one if you want. Will be on in an hour or so.

Cool. My gamer tag is Rome00739

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If you and @tesanmartin do not come up with the norfleet, I do have one to give. The funny thing is that it is the only LVL 50 weapon I have held on to! It’s a drop from Vermi. It is fire. I’m on most nights around 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

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Thanks @Sun_Tsunami, we actually got one eventually :slight_smile:

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I have them in my bank I farmed hyperious last week for level 50 norfleets for people at level 50 along with few bees too. Only just read this though as wasn’t around yesterday.

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