Looking to trade a few things or just giveaway

what i’m looking for:
Double Penetrating Roisen’s Thorns
Ghast Call grenade
Ogre’s (anything other than kinetic)
Butchers (fire, corrosive and shock)
Laser sploders (everything except fire)

I’m don’t care if it’s anointed or not

what I have:

compressing kill o’ the wisp
binary compressing trevonator (cryo, rad)
itchy flakker x3 (rad)
casual flakker
supercharged polybios (shock)

Searing relentless kaos
gatlin gatling gun
engulfing faisor (cryo)
breath of the dying (corrosive)
engulfing shredifier
negating boom sickle (cryo)
shocking star helix (shock)
tamed star helix

dastardly Maggie
the companion

adapting ripper (rad)
shocking sleeping giant
cash infused hyper focus (shock)
auditing hyperfocus (cryo)
bountiful destructo spinner (corrosive/shock)
underming crossroads (rad)
handsome jackhammer (cryo)
handsome jackhammer

storming vicious lyuda (shock)
annexed resolute lyuda


flesh melter safeguard
last stand static charge
shock stone launch pad
knife drain deathless

leave your gt, i’ll update as I go through inventory. have a few more things to offer, just got tired of typing. my gt is dnaker
thank you

ok, whats you gt?

or not

I have a DP Roisens. Do you have any SMG’s annoited with Amara 250%/300%, or Zane Cryo Dmg while SNTL?

I can supply you with any ghast call depending on that faisor anointment. Please let me know.

I’ve got the thorn in corrosive still got the laser sploader?

most of the stuff I have isn’t anointed, I was playing moze and most of her anointments suck

I do still have the sploder

sorry no anointment, but if you still want it send me your gt

Okay. Thank you anyway.

okay, i may be on later tonight, whats your gamer tag, ill message you on it.

I’m interested in the Lucians sand the fire Crossroad. What else do you need chief? GT is Jabezz


can I get a mirv hex
the infused crossroads shock smg

also need 2x lucians call and 2x rowans if you ever come across ANY ! :slight_smile:

whats your gt, same as here?


only got a few days to play then gotta return it to my brother lol


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