Looking to trade a lot of stuffs

HELLO, I am looking to trade a most of what I own (which will be regularly updated with new stuff) for various heads skins weapons and more! Just state what you want and what you’ll give in return AND your psn



Space knight
Bone blinder
White knight
Black ops

C0al train
flowers on your grave
Dark knight
Burst fire


Kawaii killer
All seeing eye
Ninja rose

Metal blood
None blacker

LEGENDARIES (and other qualities)
legendary sniper lvl 50-72
Stockpile relic lvl 50-72 and an increase to sniper ammo and grenades
Skookum cobra lvl 50-72
Boss bekah any non op8 lvl but preferably 61 or under
Gentlemen’s pimpernel slag lvl 50-72
94% sham lvl 50 or above
Lvl 50 or above the bee (alkaline, grounded, or inflammable)
Slippery ogre lvl 50-72
Swift shredifier lvl 50-72

(legendaries are moslty level 50 or below)
Lvl 50 binary thunderball fists (maliwan barrel, Jakob’s grip, vladof sight)
Lvl 50 eviseration thunderball fists (maliwan barrel, Hyperion grip, Dahl sight)
Lvl 50 scalable shock conference call (hyperion barrel grip and stock, tedior sight)
Bustling bunny (shock)
Moscovites Mongol lvl 50
Victorious Mongol lvl 50
Neutralizing hornet lvl 50 (Dahl barrel, bandit grip, Dahl sight)
Rapid infinity lvl 50 (vladof barrel, maliwan grip, vladof sight)
Purging infinity lvl 54 (vladof barrel and grip, tourge sight)
Guileless hellfire lvl 49 (maliwan barrel and stock, bandit grip, Hyperion sight)
Slayer of terramorphous (zero) lvl 50
Lvl 50 homing quasar
Lvl 50 rolling thunder
Lvl 50 lobbed fire leech
Lvl 41 chain lightning
Lvl 50 the cradle
Lvl 33 fabled tortoise

I also can get any headhunter skin and already have a few myself

Will probably update as I regularly farm

Ok, I FINALLY found someone willing to trade. This is amazing! I would trade ANYTHING if you could get a (Longbow is preferred, but whatever is ok. Exept rubberized.) Firestorm or Firebee. Other than that, I would trade for that Leech.

PSN: orangeyporangy

Ok but I’ll have to do it tomorrow as I’m gonna be at work late today. I can definitely get a firestorm and I’ll try to get the fire bee from pete later

Explosive Norfleets are modded weapons. You should take those off your list before your post is shut down.

Thanks, I did not know modded weapons were not allowed here.


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Ok Here’s the levels of the grenades you asked for

Lobbed fire leech lvl 50
Sticky longbow caustic leech lvl 50
Fire storm lvl 50 (I have two if you want both for some reason)

K. What do you want in return?Mah Legendaries

I’d prefer you make an offer on my things not me make an offer on yours

Norfleet? Just for the firestorm. I’d like to compare for my preference, however.

What element norfleet? (I’ll take anything but caustic)

Also you would you happen to have any of the things I’ve listed above

Uh… I think fire? I know I got a caustic. :disappointed:

Well if you have a fire I’ll trade for it

For what? How many grenades?

Well how many were you thinking?

Uh… IDK how much a Norfleet is “Worth”, but it’s super OP and hard to get, so…My favored Storm and the Longbow Leech? I know i’m totally screwing myself over here…

Considering I do have a norfleet (not a fire but still) not as much as it would be to someone with no norfleet so both is a bit of a stretch for me. But here is a question, do you have a skoomkum (or tumtum) cobra I’d be willing to work out a deal for multiple.

Yes. Would you be interested in a Pitchfork?

Nah the pitchfork just doesn’t out-do my lyuda