Looking to trade all my rakk pakk stuff

Hi I’m looking for any good gamma burst weapons I have lots of rakk stuff some extra charges some 100% damage some crit on rakk hit I also have the new class mod with weapon damage on it

I have a shock/radiation Destructo Spinner on it with 65% rad after Gamme Burst.

I’m good for that thanks me and that weapon dont get on I’m also after zane barrier anoit on a maggie or a cryo 1 if you have 1

Nah sorry, I don’t have any of those. Not any spare ones at least.

Ok no probs is that the only GB weapon you have

Yeah, it is.

Do you have a gamma burst maggie?

Do you have a Maggie with 100% damage rakk attack?

Yes I’ve got a gamma burst maggie

No I dont have 1 of these

What 100% damage rakk weapons do you have?

I’ve got some more I think aswell plus 25% crit on rakk hit

Awesome, add me Xmatix_proX, I have maggie, rad pestilence, rad flakker and some other stuff for the gamma build

I have a full gamma loadout of guns and then some.

50 guns or so, Red Suit shield

Atom Balm Artifacts