Looking to trade away Eridian Vanquisher Doppleganger class mod

I just beat the game and the only legendary that the boss dropped was the Eridian Vanquisher Doppleganger class mod. A nice find!.. Except I don’t have the Doppleganger class. It’s only level 27 since that is my level, so I know it’s probably not worth a lot to most of you.

Would anyone be willing to take it off my hands? I would love to have the equivalent class mod for my Baroness, but if anyone has a Baroness head or skin to spare, I’ll trade for that too :smile:.

I don’t Have Head or skin for the Baroness but I can give you Celestial Lawbringer Lv21 and the Eridian Vanquisher Lv 20 for the Enforcer for the Doppleganger .My PSN is LordofDarknnes if you like