Looking to trade for a op 8 Sand Hawk Corrosive or Shock

I have plenty to trade let me know what u need. Hit me up gt l Giroux l 28

I need and op 8 bee and or infinity pistol corrosive i have the all Dahl shock sand hawk

I have all the bees if u want those and infinty.

My Xbox one tag is SPQR Stiffwinky I’ll be on around 1140 pm phoenix time if your on we can get it rolling

Whats ur gt?

SPQR Stiffwinky

What time is the eastern time like 1:00

Closer to 230

I’ll see if I can run home now

I get a break 815 pm my time so that’s around 11 your time

Ill do 230 what kind of infinity u want

I’d like the bee over the infinity any bee will do

Ok. So 2:30?

Sounds good

I’m on