Looking to trade for an OP8 twister

I play on 360 and have not been able to farm a twister after 3 or 4 hours of farming, if anybody would be willing to trade or help me farm for one I would greatly appreciate it.

GT is L3G4CY SL4Y3R, forgot to put that in there

Hit me up. I am pretty sure I still have the twister on my 360.

GT: Kurtdawg13

I’ll be online this evening. in about 3-4 hours from now. :wink:

Thank you so much man, I’ll be gone for a little while tonight, until about 9 (CT) but I’m free after that if you are still on.

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never saw a message from ya. Turns out I don’t have the twister on myh 360 but I do on my xb1. What I can try is to save my character to the cloud and load that character on my 360 platform. Theoretically it should work. We should try this today if possible. I am working from home today, remote. so I’ll be monitoring this thread for your response. I can jump on my xbox if you are interested?

Hey man, I’m really sorry I didn’t but get through to you last night, I got home late and just forgot, but I am free to get on in about 3 hours from now if you still wouldn’t mind, thanks for the Patience

no worries. hit me up when you’re ready. I am home all day so I can jump on whenever. :wink: not sure if winking is the “fitting” emoji, but I like it anyways. lol

Haha yeah

I just attempted to cloud save with the xb1. I cannot. It won’t let me change my save device like you can on the 360. so I will not be able to give you the twister. all my characters on my 360 do not have one. I acquired mine after transferring to the xbox1. Sorry. I was hopeful.

It’s all good, thanks for trying though, do you still play on 360 at all?

If @Kurtdawg13 cannot help, perhaps I can. I’m sure I have a spare Twister floating around somewhere.


Only upon request. after crossing over to the xbox1, the frame rate increase and smoothness of scrolling/panning is far superior. also load times are quicker, so the experience is all around better. @BTK420247 offered to help. So you might be alright if you can take advantage of his generosity. :wink:

Hey man, thanks. I sent you a friend request, and I can get on anytime tonight