Looking to trade for Lvl 50 CC

Hey guys. I’ve been looking for the Conference Call for a while. if anyone has a lvl 50 one I would love to trade for it. Below is a list of items I have at lvl 50 myself to trade. My PSN is BrickHouse0, feel free to message me whenever. Thanks and happy vault hunting!

Lvl 50 The Bee
Lvl 50 Slagga
Lvl 50 Hellfire

Damn, the one I don’t have. ,I got a flakker, kerblaster and nukem at 50

Now I have one to trade if you want it

Hi I have 2 on reserve, so if you by chance have a tediore allegiance relic or a corrosive infinity gun (in case your trading list is not limited to the 3 items) you could have one