Looking to trade for Siren Head Kawaii Killer/Farming Vermivorous

Looking for anyone who has the Kawaii Killer head for the siren. Also looking for any players who want to farm Vermivorous UVHM at 10pm eastern tonight! OP8 siren here

I have items that I can trade for Kawaii Killer:
OP8 Vengeful Infinity (fire, corrosive, shock)
OP8 Flying Sandhawk (fire, corrosive, shock, slag)
OP8 Sham with 94% absorb chance
OP8 Bee shield with only 6seconds recharge delay
OP8 Gentleman Pimpernel (fire. corrosive, slag, shock)
OP8 Norfleet (fire, corrosive, shock)

Let me know if interested for trades for a Kawaii Killer.