Looking to Trade. I have Cutsmans and Calls

Looking to trade!
Trade items:
Incindiary Cutsman
Shock Cutsman
Caustic Cutsman
Incindiary King’s Call
Caustic Queen’s Call

I’ll take anything decent but looking for:
Irradiatory Tran-Fusion (Grenade Mod)
Caustic Unending Magnificient (Pistol)
EMP (Rare Spawn Legendary Grenade Mod)
Annointed Psycho Stabber (Melee dmg)
Annointed Cryo Vanisher (Melee dmg)
Zane Shockerater COM
Gamertag: tRiicksters

I’ve got a caustic unending magnificent I’d trade for the king or queens call

Sent message over live. Gt: DauntlessCP

Hey I didn’t get your Xbox message for whatever reason (nor did my phone even notify me for an update to this thread :slightly_frowning_face:). I’m down for this trade. Would you like the King’s or Queen’s Call?

Was interested in the grave relic. If that’s stillavailable

Indeed it is!