Looking to trade legendary weapons or mods

have a bunch of legendaries to trade. message my psn for what you want and ill look to see if i have it. lvl 50 stuff only.

also have some pearls!!

also dont have any dlcs

So, I don’t know if you’re still paying attention to this thread, but I was wondering if you had any Skullmashers or Conference Calls.

Or Maggies…

yea i have some confrence calls

What about a Maggie?

no i don’t have any maggies

Dang. Shams?

no i havent farmed in a while. ive been looking for people to farm with

actually have one lvl61 sham 94% absorb chance and two lvl 61 bees one is the inflammable bee and the other is the alkaline bee

Add me on PSN, and I can help you farm. I’ll only use my mic if absolutely necessary.